Here's more on another book I liked

David Kessler's new (2009) book is ttitled The end of overeating: Taking Control of the Insatiable American Appetite. Kessler knows his territory, both professionally (he's a former medical school dean and former FDA commissioner) and, from my read, personally. His premise is we've been, absolutely deliberately, conditioned to overeat. he's talking about Americans and the US food industry, but I think his comments are applicable widely, especially as the "American Diet" has made its way to many other countries. He discusses animal research which showed that sugar and fat, in combination, could override heredity. He also talks of how an executive of the food industry said they know and use the fact that combinations of  sugar, fat and salt make foods more pleasurable. They've spent large amounts on making prepared foods, especially quick foods more appealing to our senses.

The result, of course, has been expanding waistlines and increased average weight, significant contributors to a host of health problems. Kessler, in the latter part of his book, outlines a comprehensive approach to what he calls "Food Rehab." I think this is a book well worth reading and will give you a link to Dr. Kessler's website

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